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Its been a tough 18 months for me . . . the Chicago Cubs have had it rough as well.

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Baseball's Greatest Hits from OH

my wife came into the house this afternoon exclaiming "you have a package". I like getting packages. (I feel compelled to mention at this time, that even though I get home before the wife, she gets the mail - has done that for years and she just does it. I think she likes to get the mail, though I am not really sure because I never asked otherwise).

Anyways, today's bubble mailer was a rather pleasant surprise from "Baseball Dad" Jack of All Tribe Baseball a long time Cleveland Indian fan. In this package was a CD, yes a CD. He had mentioned a contest of sorts in a post a few weeks back and to be perfectly honest, I totally forgot about it, but am glad he did not.

This CD is a collection of 22 of Baseball's Greatest Hits (hence the title of the CD) and includes such classics as "Who's on First" by Abbott & Costello; "Say Hey" (The Willie Mays Song); "Willie, Mickey and the Duke"; "Casey at the Bat"; "Lou Gehrig's Farewell Speech" and Chicago Cub favorites like Steve Goodman's "A Dying Cub Fan's Last Request" and "The Land of Wrigley".

This is now playing in my computer and I really like this selection of music and baseball lore on a CD. Jack also included a few Cubs cards; and I especially like the larger than life bat in your face Julio Zuleta 2002 Topps Total and the Kenny Lofton 2003 Fleer depicting the 1963 Fleer design.

Jack, thank you very much for remembering me . . . and for sharing Baseball's Greatest Hits !

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  1. What a wonderful package to receive. Are you able to recite "Who's On First?" off by-heart yet?