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Thursday, September 17, 2009

welcome to the big leagues

Today in baseball history (1955 that is) Brooks Robinson made his major league debut. Getting two hits on his opening day was a teaser of what was to come. Those actually would be his only two hits in 1955 after appearing in only 6 games and 22 at bats, but his first two of 2848 career hits.

His full time role would not officially start until 1958 playing in 145 games, and from 1960 until 1974 would appear in 15 consecutive all-star games and receive 16 consecutive gold glove awards.

Topps 1960 # 28; my birth year and a real "cool" card

Brooks Robinson began his storied Oriole career today, September 17, 1955; played his entire 23 year career in Baltimore and ended his career in 1977.

A career .267 batting average, 2848 hits, 1357 rbi's and 268 home runs is just the icing on the cake for this "vacuum" at 3rd base. Lee May nicknamed him "Mr Hoover" and it is well known that "while Brooks never had a candy bar named after him, in Baltimore, people named their children after him".

Topps 1969 # 550; a "happy" smiling card

The 1964 AL MVP, two time World Series Champion (1966, 1970), 1970 World Series MVP and Babe Ruth awardee, Robinson was inducted into MLB Hall of Fame in 1983 with 92%.

I remember watching the Orioles back in the late 60's and early 70's, secretly cheering for them (not so secretly, as they were my favorite AL team back in the day). Being a Cubs fan meant being an anti-White Sox fan and the Orioles were going to beat the Mets in 1969, emphasis on were. They sure did have some great pitching and fielding back then.

Brooks Robinson, a childhood "hero" of mine, started his career . . .today !


  1. Brooks is on my short list of favorites. Like you I also have an affinity for the Robinson years Orioles. Why couldn't they beat Mets?!!

  2. Hey guys, I also liked the Orioles back in 67-71. (I didn't follow baseball in '66!)

    Jim Palmer was my favorite Oriole in 1967 (based mostly on his '67 card, and his '66 exploits, since he didn't play much in '67). You can imagine my relief when he finally made it back to the majors in '69.

    Jim from Downingtown
    (Topps '66, '67, '68 blogs)

  3. Very cool post. My brother and I got to meet Brooks many, many years ago and get our picture taken with him - he was so friendly, approachable and generous with his time. What a great talent and classy player, and its cool that people who routed for other teams liked and respected him.