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Friday, March 6, 2009

03-06-09 12:15pm

I confess, I am a "numbers geek" - not really a statistical numerologist but I like looking for patterns and quirky things with numbers (that is the "old" math teacher coming out in me).

My wife was born on January 2nd and I do remember having a "quirky" celebration in 2003 (01-02-03). And on February 3, 2004 at 5:06 pm glasses were raised to celebrate "nothing".

So today being March 6, 2009 represents a similar oddity {03-06-09} and if I may suggest that all you bloggers out there do something quirky at 12:15 pm. Next occasion to pencil in on your calendar is July, 8th at 10:11 pm (get it ? 07-08-09 10:11). Ok enough already . . .

Today is also Willie Stargell Birthday. He would have been 69 years old but passed away in 2001. Stargell hit some of the longest homeruns in major league history; the only player ever to hit a homer out of Dodger Stadium twice, reaching the upper deck at Olympic Stadium in Montreal, and hitting the furthest shot ever recorded at Veterans Stadium. Stargell ended his 21 year career (all with the Pittsburgh Pirates) with 475 career round trippers, most of which were considered monster shots.

One of his "secrets" to his Ruth-like power was warming up with a sledgehammer in the on-deck circle instead of just a lead weighted bat. Seven times an all-star, two times a World Series Champion (1971, 1979), the 1979 NL MVP award, and a first ballot Hall of Famer (inducted in 1988).

I like this 1970 card (Topps # 470); the double hat both looking too small for his head and that sleeveless vest style uniform. Happy Birthday "Pops", some of us do remember your power.

May all of you enjoy some quirkiness at 12:15 today . . .

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  1. Today is my wife's birthday. Post upcoming, also featuring card of "Pops"