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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Greatest Year in Sports ?

This is the time of year that debates will occur across this nation among sports fans: Was 2008 the greatest year in Sports ever ? I will remind everyone that I am a Chicagoan and more specifically a Chicago Cub fan so you may already gather where I said on this topic but none the less . . .

This past year began by bringing us the Giants victory in Super Bowl XLII, the amazing escape by Eli Manning to go along with the even more amazing catch by David Tyree and their victory over the heavily favored Patriots – what a way to start the year, if you are a Giants or football fan. The Philadelphia Phillies winning the World Series over the upstart Tampa Bay Rays. Olympic moments by eight time gold medal winner Michael Phelps, a Boston Celtic basketball championship after 22 years and college football madness that would have exciting games and remarkable victories every week. Not too mention the “greatest” golfer of all time winning the US Open on one knee with an extra 19 holes played on Monday. 2008 was truly a remarkable year in sports.

Many might argue that 1969 was better. The Miracle Mets (who overtook the Orioles and my Cubs), Namath’s AFC Jets and then there was Rod Laver in tennis winning the grand slam. 1972 was not half bad with the undefeated Dolphins, Mark Spitz seven gold medals and seven world records in the Olympics and Olga Korbut (who can ever forget her).

And 1980 will always be remembered for the “Miracle on Ice” as the USA Olympic Hockey team wins gold and the Phillies break a 97 year draught and win the World Series. And some even believe 1998 was the greatest year in sports; the year McGwire and Sosa fought bat-to-bat for the most homeruns (yes the steroid era will diminish this); Cal Ripken Jr ended his iron man consecutive game started streak at 2632 and the Chicago Bulls attained a “three peat repeat”.

All that said, 2008 will go down in history as one of the greatest years in sports ever.

For most, this debate is a generational argument; depending on your age, favorite sport, who we watched in person or on tv and what we consider to be our greatest memory in sports. For me the greatest year in sports will be when the Cubs finally win the World Series, whenever that may be or no matter how old I may be. I would love to hear from all of you. What is your take on this, what is your vote for the greatest year in sports ever ? For us Cub fans we just say “wait til next year” . . .

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