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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ten Days Ago . . .

was the official start of Major League Baseball for 2009; as the Braves beat the Phillies on Opening Night. Just ten days ago . . .

While there have been many surprises (both good and bad) on the field, it is the off field shockers that have been the center of our thoughts.

The most untimely and tragic death of Nick Adenhart to the most recent deaths of Harry Kalas and Mark "the Bird" Fidyrich. Each of these three individuals brought a unique flavor to the game we all love.

Adenhart with his youthful drive, strength and courage to work "harder than most his age" to become a top prospect and leave this world all too early, pitching a masterpiece in his last game on the mound.

Kalas, the "voice of the Phillies", sudden death after he collapses in the announcers booth prior to Mondays game - leaving the game he devoted his life to, a city, friends and fans all around baseball. It was only fitting that the Phillies played and won that day in his honor.

And Fidyrich, who played the game "like a kid", wacky,and quirky, a one year wonder thirty three years ago. He lived and now died in his quiet and simple (after baseball) life as he preferred.

All three of these men, so different as they are, will all be remembered for their accomplishments and long lasting images within the baseball world.

Just ten days ago the season started . . . so much is missing already. I just hope that there are no more off the field shocks like we have just had.

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