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Its been a tough 18 months for me . . . the Chicago Cubs have had it rough as well.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

44HR for #44

In another entry in my tribute to Roberto Clemente and his remarkable career, a statisical coincidence which appears on other baseball cards (if you recall Clemente's 1973 last card indicates exactly 3000 hits achieved) as I call a "Clemente-ism"

So I present the 1963 National League Homerun Leaders (card is the Topps 1964 # 9).

This card displays awesome power led by Henry Aaron and three members of the San Francisco Giants; McCovey, Mays and Cepeda. The Giants team of 1963 hit an amazing 197 homeruns that year with five players over 20 HR's (those three and Bailey and Felipe Alou).
For comparison, the Cubs hit 127 and the "powerful" New York Yankees hit only 188 (I know Mantle and Maris had injuries). For the Chicago Cubs perspective; Santo and Williams tied for the club honors, each hitting 25.

This card becomes rather unique from the quirkyness found on the back. Aaron and McCovey tied for the League Lead with 44 round trippers . . . they each wore uniform #44 !

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