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I am going to mix a bit of the philosophy of my life into this blog as I continue to highlight some of my baseball card collection. (hoping the card collectors of this world welcome me back)

Its been a tough 18 months for me . . . the Chicago Cubs have had it rough as well.

This site will be devoted to all those who need to define what "wait til next year" means.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Cubs # 44

Cheers to all those Chicago Cubs who wore uniform #44:
Phil Cavarretta (player and M)(1941-53),

Burt Hooton(1971-75),

Mike Garman(1976),

Dave Giusti(1977),

Ken Reitz(1981),

Dick Ruthven(1983-86),

Drew Hall(1986-88),

Steve Wilson(1989-91),

Jeff Hartsock(1992),

Bill Brennan(1993),

Amaury Telemaco(1996-98),

Chris Haney(1998),

Tony Fossas(1998),

Kyle Farnsworth(1999-04),

Roberto Novoa(2005-06),

Chad Fox (2008)

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  1. Notice the long span of years between Cavarretta and Hooten. The number was considered unofficially retired. The Cubs didn't officially retire a number until Ernie Banks' #14 was retired in 1982.