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Its been a tough 18 months for me . . . the Chicago Cubs have had it rough as well.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More Good Mail Arrived Today

My mail-person (a real nice lady) must like me, as opposed to Night Owls mail person who holds out on him. I received another great package today, from Chris at Project 1962 , and once again has made my Wednesday much more enjoyable. Here is a good sample of why today was a good day.
Chris sent me many cards from my want list including three 1987 Topps All Star Rookies; Snyder, Tartabull and Incaviglia and this 1962 Jake Wood. While the condition is not pristine, it is still I card I greatly appreciate and needed (as an aside, I am in the camp that for "vintage" cards, condition is secondary to the story of the players).
Woods Rookie Year, 1961, was his best of his career with 170 hits, 14 triples playing in every 162 games. His career never got any better and had a short and fast stay with the Tigers.
I like these cards with the little gold trophies on them (hint hint for future trades).

Chris also sent a Cubbie from the sixties (1964 Don Elston) and the seventies (1970 Paul Popovich) Pictured here is the 1964 Don Elston, in a typical face shot of the time. Elston spent the better part of nine seasons with the Cubs, appearing in 450 career games (all but one as a Cub) and amassing a record of 49-54. Elston was elected to one All Star Game (1959) and was the workhorse for the Cubs, leading the National League in games played in 1958 and 1959.

Also in this envelope were two UD Masterpieces; Derek Lee and this Carlos Zambrano. And if that was not enough an assortment of Chicago Cub "greats" were included:

Thank you to Chris who made my Wednesday . . . can this week get any better ? The mail-lady will be the judge of that.

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