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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Rich Nye - Topps All Star Rookie !

Rich Nye is a Topps All Star Rookie from 1967 ! Maybe you are asking; where is that little gold trophy on his card ?

Well, Topps forgot, simple as that. They did that every so often (Rick Monday and Dick Hughes had their gold trophy left off of their 1968 cards too).

Nye had a "great" rookie year for the Cubs in 1967, winning 13 games and striking out 128, both were second on the Cubs team for 1967.

It would be a long seven years later that another Chicago Cub would boast election to the Topps All Star Rookie team (Bill Madlock in 1974), joining such Cub greats as Santo and Williams. (Note my irregular features and other players designated as a Topps All Star Rookie)

Nye's career spanned just a few years, ending in 1970 in an Expo uniform but 1967 will always be a year Nye will remember.

On May 16, 1968, Nye pitched his only complete game of his career, besting Hall of Famer Don Sutton. Why I mention this is that May 16 is my birthday and anything that happens on ones birthday is worth mentioning.

Rich Nye . . . a Chicago Cub and a forgotten Topps All Star Rookie . . .

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