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I am going to mix a bit of the philosophy of my life into this blog as I continue to highlight some of my baseball card collection. (hoping the card collectors of this world welcome me back)

Its been a tough 18 months for me . . . the Chicago Cubs have had it rough as well.

This site will be devoted to all those who need to define what "wait til next year" means.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cubs Baseball Schedule; Pocket size

The 2009 Cubs Baseball Schedule is out and I just received a copy.

This years schedule highlights a celebration photo with McGehee(27), Harden(40) and Dempster(46) the last to arrive in the group. I wonder why this picture was chosen ? Harden and Dempster hopefully will achieve success again in 2009 but McGehee you ask ? McGehee appeared in only 9 games, had 4 hits in 2008 (all after the division was clinched) and wont even be in a Cubs uniform in 2009. He will however be visible forever on many desks, walls and back pockets all year long.

April 6th in Houston can not come soon enough . . . April 13th at Wrigley makes me want to cheer even louder . . . I just might keep it open and not pay much attention to the front.
A "celebration" is better than nothing . . . as in the 1971 version . . .
. . . I never did actually collect these pocket schedules though I do have this one from 1971 that had been saved, for some odd reason.

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  1. It's better than my Cub's calendar with DeRosa pictured in January and Wood in February!