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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Last Game of 1969

George Henry Decker Jr (everyone called him Joe for reasons I do not know) played for the Chicago Cubs from 1969 thru 1972, the Minnesota Twins in '73 thru '76 and made it back to the big leagues in 1979 with Seattle. His career was unremarkable with a lifetime record of 36-44 appearing in 152 games. 1974 was "his year", going 16-14, pitching 248 innings, starting 37 games, completing 11 of them for the Twins.

A couple of unique items about Decker as a Chicago Cub.

In 1969, Decker appeared in just four games yet was the winner in game # 162, a 5-3 winner against the New york Mets in the final game of the year. Though the game had no meaning in the standing it was the only win for Decker that year giving him a 1 - 0 record for 1969 (along with Hank Acquire ad Jim Colborn). Decker did hit one career homerun, off Phil Niekro on May 1, 1970.

Decker also made history by being fined $ 100.00 by manager Leo Durocher in 1970 for an "x-rated" outburst. This fine was supposedly the only fine Durocher ever collected from a Chicago Cub - ever. Decker was an "angry" young man with considerable talent and Durocher did not deal with "young" very well.
Joe Decker passed away on March 2, 2003 but he will always be remembered by me for being the winning pitcher in the last game of the season in 1969.

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