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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Ron Santo

Today; February 25, is Ron Santo's Birthday. Celebrating his 69th year (yes he was born in 1940), Santo has been a fixture in courageous Chicago sports lore since his rookie season in 1960. Santo has inspired hundreds if not ten of thousands of people with his athletic abilities, enthusiasm and work ethic while dealing with Diabetes since the age of 18.

Career numbers aside (though they ARE good enough) Santo should be elected to the Hall of Fame, soon, as only the 11th 3rd baseman,. Maybe the Veterans Committee will see it that way (at least the MLB Network has, in their most recent prime 9 special of the nine players who should be in the hall -Santo was tops on the list !).
Santo played 15 years all in Chicago, albeit his final year the southside; hitting 342 homeruns, 2254 hits, 1331 RBI's and a career BA of .277 in 2243 games ! In eleven straight seasons he played in 154 games or more !

But the numbers tell only one part of the Santo story and today we all should raise a glass and celebrate his birthday - Happy Birthday Ron . . . forever a Chicago Cub, forever a hero !

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