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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pitchers and Catchers Reported

This past weekend pitchers and catchers reported to spring training camps in Florida and Arizona. While today much is made of last year stars, trades and signings in the off season, free agency, ped's and steroids . . . the anticipation is as great as ever for all teams.

Who will "break out" and provide that boost to carry a team to a pennant, who will slump and be moved around to the minors, who will do what when and for how long. While answers will not become clear until early April or June or even September . . . it was clear back in 1965 that two players would "star" for the Chicago Cubs.

Interesting enough, a pitcher and catcher, traded together in December of 1965 from the San Francisco Giants, appearing together as "1966 Rookie Stars" broughtthese same feelings for the Cubs as the feelings today during this time of year (except that ped talk).

Bill Hands and Randy Hundley had "star" quality years in Chicago, played together for the better part of seven years (thru 1972) and at least for this Chicago Cub fan both lived up to their "rookie star" status.

I like this card; even if they both appear to be wearing the Giants uniform (note the banding around the collar); they were "rookie stars" and "work horses" for the Chicago Cubs . . . as a pitcher and catcher.

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  1. Randy Hundley was a solid catcher for a lot of years. I know he was getting older, but I hated the trade for Mitterwald.