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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Topps 1970: card # 14 Hank Allen

Harold Andrew Allen will be most remembered as Dick (Richie) Allen's older brother. Hank did play seven years in the big leagues; with the Washington Senators (1966-70), Milwaukee Brewers (1970) and the Chicago White Sox (1972-73).

Hank played third base, second base, first base, outfield and even appeared in one game as a catcher. His best year was in 1969 as a Senator, playing in 109 games and reaching career highs in batting average (.277), hits (75), runs (42) and RBI's (17).

Having hit six home runs in his career he ranks second in the family; behind Richie's 351 and youngest brother Ron who hit one. This trio of brothers ranks 11th in most home runs by a brother combination with 358; albeit Richie holds the torch.

I found a quote by Hank from the Baseball Almanac that I thought was right on. "I enjoyed it (being a major league ball player & Washington Senator) but remember . . . baseball is what I did. It is not who I am".

sidebar for an editorial comment: maybe more sports and or entertainment stars should think more like Hank and understand that is "what they do" not who they are. We should all be defined by who we are and not by what we do professionally. Thanks Hank for reminding me of that.

Hank Allen . . . card # 14 in 1970 . . . Richie's older brother.


  1. There are so many players from the '60s that I don't know. I never knew Dick Allen had a brother who played in the majors.

    Thanks for shedding some light!

  2. Great post. Hank wasn't a good mlb player, but he did appear in 7 seasons. Not bad. I found it interesting that he was signed as a free agent by Philly in 1960, the same year they signed Richie.