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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

1970 Topps: #6 Grant Jackson

one of the most accepted definitions of a "journey man" in baseball would be someone who plays for several years (usually over 10), for a few different teams (usually over 3) and is deemed "valuable". I think it is important to add that any and every player on the 25 man roster is valuable and one who spends several years on a teams roster must be valuable.

Having said that, I present card #6 from the 1970 Topps set; Grant Jackson.

An 18 year veteran who played for six different teams (Phillies 1965-70, Orioles 71-76, NYY 76, Pirates 77-81 and 82, Expos 81 and Royals 82). A one-time all-star (1969), where in that year he had career high in wins (14), losses (18), innings pitched (253) and strikeouts (180).

Jackson played in 13 post season games, including three world series' (having won one ring in 1979 with Pittsburgh). His post season record of 3 - 0 in 17 2/3 innings is highlighted by being the winning pitching of record for game 7 in 1979. Jackson ended his career with a 86-75 W-L record to go aong with his 79 saves.

Grant Jackson, card #6 . . . a true valuable journeyman.


  1. He had a nice career. When I see his name I always think of that '79 Pirate team. They had a nice bullpen that year.

  2. I can't say that I've ever heard of Grant Jackson. Thanks for sharing.

    But why is he wearing what appears to be a batting glove on his pitching hand?

  3. Grant Jackson is also depicted as a Mariner on his 1977 Topps card, but he never played for the Mariners.

    I always thought Jackson was cool for some unknown reason. Pulling his card back then was like pulling a star for me.

    Also, Jackson is a future "cardboard appreciation" subject!

  4. He had a good career with the O's and the Pirates. The O's had a really good bullpen in the early 70's with Grant and Eddie Watt. It's just that with Palmer, McNally, Cuellar and Dobson they hardly ever needed relievers. When he went to the Pirates, he was more of a 1 inning guy with Tekulve and Enrique Romo doing most of the heavy lifting, but they made a pretty solid bullpen, too.

    Grant's also made quite a career of being a minor league pitching coach the last 25 years.

  5. Wow, he was part of Bucs when 'we are fmaily' played on every radio in the 'burgh, and I don't remember anything of him. Thanks for bringing this journey man into the forefront!

  6. I went to a wedding for one of his kids. As the father of the bride, he wore a magenta suit. The man looked awesome