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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ripped-off Post continued: the All-Steve team

As many of you have been reading about the All-"state your name" pots the last few days I thought I would give it a try myself. It was not as easy as one would think with a common name like Steve but here goes: my All-Steve team.

I must start with my pitchers; this will be the team strength boasting a starting rotation of four, two righties and two lefties with 671 career wins and 7623 strikeouts !
LHP: Steve Carlton (HOF, 329 career wins, 4136 K's and the key to this team)
LHP: Steve Avery (career 96 wins and 980 K's)
RHP: Steve Trachsel (former Cub and career 143 wins / 1591 K's)
RHP: Steve Blass (103 wins and 896 K's)

In the bullpen will be:
Steve Howe
Steve Reed (every team needs a submarine pitcher)
Steve Searcy
Steve Trout (former Cub)
Steve Ontiveros (same name as bench player but different person)
Steve Busby
Steve Bedrosian

As far as the defense goes:
the outfield
Steve Kemp
Steve Henderson
Steve Hosey (1st round draft pick that never made it - I am giving him a second chance)
the infield
3B: Steve Buechele
SS: Vern Stephens (please allow this last name liberty; he was an 8x all-star with 247 HR's during his career 1941-55)
2B: Steve Sax
1B: Steve Garvey
C: Steve Yeager

off the bench:
Steve Ontiveros (former Cub and the more well known of the two same name players)
Steve Lake (former Cub)
Steve Swisher (former Cub)

So as you can imagine we wont score many runs, have limited power, little speed, short resources on the bench but . . . we do have starting pitching ! We also have too many Cubs and Dodgers represented but . . . did I mention we do have starting pitching !

If we ever do make it to the All-"state your name" Team playoffs, rest assured we will be "cursed" with our favorite fan rooting us on in the front row . . . Steve Bartman. And in the booth announcing the games will be former Cub, Cy Young award winner Steve Stone (he will have his uniform ready in case of injuries)

Have mentioned our starting pitching . . .


  1. At the office we coined the phrase: Bartmanian

    The act of performing an impulsive, everyday action that results in unintended consequences.

    "Mr. President, I'd like for you to meet one of our new interns, Miss Lewinsky."

  2. a good amount of dodgers on your team!