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Thursday, March 19, 2009

1970 Topps: card # 4

Tom Egan, California Angels backup catcher. Egan had a ten year major league career, all but two with the Angels (1971 - 72 with the Chicago White Sox) and played in total of 373 games; yes only 373 games in 10 years. The epitome of a backup - playing only when the regular needed a rest or as a late inning substitute.
Egan had a career BA of only .200, hit 22 HR's (ten of which were in 1971, when he appeared in the most games of his career in one year at 85). Egan struck out 336 times in his career, almost one per game (not a very impressive statistic at all). At 6'4" and around 220 pounds, he was a "giant" in those days. Maybe he should have stayed with football as he was a high school all-american running back.
The back of his 1970 card highlights his defensive ability with the cartoon in the upper right; at the end of the 1969 campaign he had only made four errors in his five year career - playing in only 88 games though. He would conclude his career with only 27 errors, 1861 putouts and a .987 fielding percentage (not so great by any standards for a "defensive star" or backup).

So that is card # 4 for this 1970 set . . . slowly but surely . . . and at this pace, I should be done chronicling this set by March of 2011 !

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  1. I think Egan falls short of consideration for the Backup Catchers Hall of Fame.