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Friday, March 20, 2009

MLB vs WGN ? !

Somewhere, somehow, someway I got very confused early this evening. Maybe a fellow Cubs fan or anyone else with WGN can help me.

In my early Friday evening remote control scanning I ended up on the MLB Network and the Cub vs Padres game was on. I thought to myself good for the MLB Network, broadcasting a a Cub game !

The game was in the top of the third inning with the Padres leading 2 to 1. At the end of the inning I went remote control scanning again and after about 50 channels and finding news, news, stock market, history, drama, infomercials, more news and more financial stuff to bore me greatly (it was a Friday night just waiting to go out), I came across WGN.

The Cubs / Padres game was on and it was in the bottom of the sixth inning and the Cubs were leading 4 to 2. Had I really spent three innings of channel surfing ? It seemed to be only 45 seconds or so !

Both WGN and the MLB Network were broadcasting the game but about 30 minutes delayed. I have heard of a seven second delay on tv but not three innings worth !

Does anyone have a rational answer to why this has happened or am I going to just chalk it up to an odd programming thing that confused the heck out of me. By the way the Cubs did win 5 - 3 an if I was a betting man I could have made some money on those only watching the MLB Network.

Thanks to WGN and MLB I got to watch an unofficial doubleheader.

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