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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Today in Baseball History

Happy March to all . . . it is now less than forty days until opening day reaches many ball parks throughout our nation and being the first day of the month I asked myself the question . . . did anything interesting happen today in baseball history.

The most important thing I could find was on March 1st, 1969, Mickey Mantle announced his retirement. Yes exactly forty (40) years ago today . . . In 1968 Mantle had a lackluster year hitting .237 the lowest of his career) and blasting only 18 HR's (also the lowest of any full season played).

While I never saw Mantle play in person, was never a "real" Yankee fan, nor sought collecting Yankee cards, I do have these two that I will proudly display on the 4oth anniversary of Mantle's announcement.

The ever eerie looking "floating head" checklist from 1967 (#103) and . . .

this (stating the obvious) "Super-Star" card with Killebrew, Mays and Mantle (Topps 1968 # 490). On the back of this card it says "this powerful trio has blasted 1462 homeruns". Interesting to me that these three would end up hitting 1769 combined. Now that is a "powerful" card.

Happy March 1st to all . . . I wonder if any "historical" news will be made today ?

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