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Its been a tough 18 months for me . . . the Chicago Cubs have had it rough as well.

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Friday, March 27, 2009

"I dont know" plays third

In that famous Abbott and Costello routine called "Who's on first", a guy named "what" is at second and "I dont know" plays third.

This 1974 Gary Matthews card # 386 has Matthews sliding into third with Coach McNamara either clapping his hands or has a look of disbelief and questioning Matthews' slide - I don't know.
I also don't know that guy standing at third. At first glance it looked like Ron Cey, floppy hair over the collar and a bit stocky, but in the seventies with the Dodgers, Cey wore uniform # 10 ! (though he did wear # 11 as a Cub, but not until the early eighties). So at second glance it might be a Chicago Cub, but Don Kessinger wore # 11 during those days and that is not Kessinger (he is tall and thin).

As an aside, this card arrived last week from Paul at Wrigley Wax, and is part of the 1973 Topps All-Star Rookie Team (cards of 1974) where Topps "accidentally" did not print that gold trophy on the cards in the 1974 set.

Can someone help me ? "I don't know" plays third !


  1. I believe it's Wayne Garrett. Giants are playing the Mets.

  2. I would second that. The picture is definitely Shea and Wayne Garrett was #11 from 1969 - 1976.

  3. I was also thinking Wayne Garrett. (This sounds like "City Slickers" with all the guys answering "Don Hoak.") It looks like a Hanover sign in right field.

    I think McNamara is giving Sarge the signal to come in standing, but Gary didn't want the Met clubby to have to deal with a clean uniform.

  4. I was here to say Wayne Garrett but now am just going to slink away...