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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

1970 Topps: card # 3

Darrel Chaney, primarily a backup shortstop for the Cincinnati Reds (1969 - 1975) and the Atlanta Braves (1976-1979), was a solid defensive glove man and posted a career BA of .217.

This 1970 card # 3 is his official rookie card and Chaney did earn a World Series ring with the "Big Red " Machine of 1975 as he was the functional off the bench utility guy for Dave Concepcion. Interesting to note is that Chaney had more career triples (17) than homeruns (14). That is about the most "exciting" thing I could find about Chaney.

The top row of my first page of my 1970's binder is now posted. It really amazes me how "random" Topps was after card # 1 (World Champions) and then no rhyme or reason for the next cards, until the subsets of League Leaders (#61-72), League Playoffs (#195-202), WS (305-310)and All-Star cards 450-469). In some years to follow Topps used the first few cards for an exciting subset; (ie 1974 Aaron Special card, 1976 Record Breakers etc).

My journey continues on to my second row with guys like; Tom Egan, Wes Parker, and Grant Jackson and some "humorous" backs to follow.

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  1. Love seeing the old Crosley Field scoreboard in the background there...